DAISOGEL Analytical HPLC columns for R&D, Process Development, and Quality Control
We at DAISO work hard in order to meet our customer's column needs, seeking the best solutions. We work alongside our customers to insure that they are able to find the optimal column for their projects.

Our Analytical columns are available with dimesions shown below. All analytical columns are screw-type (S).
DAISO columns are packed with our reknowned DAISOGEL, avaible in a variety of phases. The Analytical columns are packed with the following grades. 
DAISOGEL® is designed to make your scale-up work easy.

Analytical and preparative grades are made by the same production method under carefully controlled conditions in order to assure consistent selectivity from lot-to-lot and between different particle sizes, which is essential for scale-up work. The ease of scale-up allows for DAISOGEL analytical column users to easily move up to our preparative grade columns.
Pricing will vary based on dimensions as well as the silica grade. For inquiry, please contact or through our Contact Us page.