Introducing the NEW 5μm Semi-PREP Column
               Simplified Scale up from mg to grams
Simplify your Scale Up: 
DAISOGEL columns are  perfect tools for API manufacturers to do step-wise scale up work from mg to gram, to 100 g leading, to bulk API manufacturing using the SAME STATIONARY PHASE in all steps. Having the same stationary phase maintain chromatographic performance in all scales,
From the standard analytical 3 µm and 5 µm particle sizes for HPLC and 1.7 µm and
2.1 µm for UHPLC, we a large variety of pore sizes and column dimensions
Scaling to 10 mm ID up to 100 mm ID
is simple. We offer the standard 10 µm 
and 15 µm with a variety of chemistries
and endcapping
Bulk Silica
DAISO makes scale-up to bulk EASY. We fully control manufacturing and bonding providing full regulatory support 
World Class Silica Experts
DAISO partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their chromatography separations of proteins, peptides, and organic compounds from R&D and drug development with HPLC columns (analytical and prep), to pilot-plant process and manufacturing scales with bulk silica (hundreds of kilograms).

DAISO offers pre-packed columns in all sizes for all scales, leading to Bulk Silica. DAISO columns are packed with DAISOGEL®, the ultimate completely spherical and totally porous silica gel for liquid chromatography. Located in Torrance, CA, DAISO Fine Chem USA, INC. is the subsidiary company of OSAKA SODA CO., LTD., headquartered in Osaka, Japan.
DAISO Fine Chem USA Inc.
Analytical and Preparative HPLC Columns for Scale Up
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