> 6 kD

High MW Compounds

Many biomolecules benefit from reverse-phase silica gel purification to obtain the necessary product purity to meet regulatory guidelines. We offer a range of bulk silica with larger pore sizes for your preparative and process needs for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic large biomolecules.

silica gel for purification of recombinant proteins

Quality. Sustained.

For the purification of recombinant glycoproteins such as erythropoietin or a granulocyte colony-stimulating factor like filgrastim, take a look at our 300 Å large-pore silica gels – like all of our products, manufactured to the highest standards under rigorous ISO:9001 conditions. Quality. Sustained.

Bulk Silica Gels with Wide Pore Sizes

The following DAISOGEL products are suitable for the purification of products with molecular weight > 6 kD. Click on a pore size to learn more.

Recommended Pore Size (Å)
ODS Phase C8 Phase C4 Phase APS Phase Phenyl Phase
P Series 300 300
RPS Series 300
BIO Series 300 300 300

Did you know?

Shorter columns lengths of 10-15 cm are often used for preparative protein separations.

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