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Low MW Compounds

Many chemical entities with a molecular weight of less than 2 kD utilize liquid chromatography to achieve the requisite product purity. While many of these entities can be coarsely purified using techniques like flash chromatography using spherical beads with diameter > 50 μm, or even irregular silica, others require a well-characterized spherical silica gel with small particle size and pore size in the 100 to 120 Å range to achieve pharmaceutical-grade purity levels of more than 95%.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, many biologically-active natural products are purified with preparative HPLC. These products include classes such as cannabinoids, fish oils, alkaloids, saponins, tocopherols, and tocotrienols. Sugars represent another product class that requires prep HPLC for high-purity applications.

silica gels for purification of small molecules

A History of Small Molecule, Synthetic Peptide, and Natural Product Purification

DAISOGEL’s original chromatography applications in the 1990’s included the purification of classic small molecule and short-chain peptide therapeutics with low molecular weights under 2 kD. We developed a core set of high performance silica gels in various phases with small pore sizes of 100 Å and 120 Å for these low molecular weight compounds. Today, our low molecular weight portfolio is as important as ever for any chromatographer.

Bulk Silica Gels with Small Pore Sizes

The following DAISOGEL products are suitable for the purification of products with molecular weight < 2 kD. Click on a pore size to learn more.

Recommended Pore Size (Å)
ODS Phase C8 Phase C4 Phase APS Phase Phenyl Phase
PK Series 100 100 100
P Series 100 120 120
HP Series 100 100 100
RPS Series 100
BP Series 120
BIO Series 120 120 120
NP Series 100

Did you know?

DAISOGEL offers unbonded spherical silica gel for normal phase chromatography.

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