Medicinal or Recreational Use

With the growth of medicinal and recreational cannabis markets, interest in single cannabinoids have become increasingly important. Recent research of the therapeutic properties of CBDs has shown potential in fighting a variety of health conditions including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, and cancer pain management.

Separation of psychoactive from non-psychoactive compounds via reverse-phase liquid chromatography is a critical way to ensure the supply of accurately labeled and compounded products to consumers.

silica gel cannabinoid purification

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Ideal Phase for CBD

Ideal Phase for CBD

For laboratories providing purification services that must meet state requirements for product certification, our SP-ODS-RPS series in 100 Å or 120 Å pore size is an excellent solution to separate cannabinoids with high throughput and resolution.

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Bulk Silica Gels for Cannabinoid Purification

The following DAISOGEL products are suitable for the purification of cannabinoids. Click on a pore size to learn more.

Recommended Pore Size (Å)
ODS Phase C8 Phase C4 Phase APS Phase Phenyl Phase
RPS Series 100

Did you know?

THC has greater affinity than CBD to hydrophobic stationary phases like ODS, so CBD will elute first.

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