Phenyl Phases: SP-C4Ph-HP

At DAISOGEL, we realize that the “typical” reverse phases aren’t the solution to every separation problem. Therefore, we developed a novel Butyl-Phenyl phase to provide the chromatographer a truly unique boost in separation. This phase leverages a secondary interaction while still applying separation principles of typical C18 or C8 alkyl chain bonded phases.

This is a powerful solution for difficult purifications where C18 media cannot give you the target product purity, or for which phenyl-hexyl may have been required for efficient purifications.

It is the π-π interaction of the Phenyl ring resulting in a truly unique selectivity that gives the extra boost in separation power.

aps phase bulk silica gel

Typical Applications

Moderate hydrophobicity combined with resolving power
that is complementary to C8 and C18 alkyl chains.

Nucleotides Aromatics

Small Molecules

Synthetic Peptides

Selectivity. Sustained.

The aromatically selective C4Ph-HP is equipped with the high loadability of the HP Series and just the right carbon loading for a combination phase.


Carbon Loading

1.1 mL/g

Pore Volume

450 m2/g

Surface Area


Graph - Nucleotides

“Nucleotides” portrays the separation of 7 different nucleotides in the shortest amount of time.

10 Aromatic Standards Test

Graph - 10 Aromatic Standards

Separation of 10 Aromatic Standards demonstrates the Butyl-Phenyl phase providing a unique elution order. The elution order of Benzene and Methyl benzoate and Phenylacetylacetone and Naphtalene are different compared to traditional C18 or C8 phases.

Available in 100 Å pore size and 8, 10 and 15 μm particle sizes

Ordering Information (Bonded Phase Butyl-Phenyl)

Product NamePore Size (Å)Particle Size (µm)Pore Volume (mL/g)Surface Area (m2/g)% of Carbon

Did you know?

Our novel Butyl-Phenyl phase is available in our COMPASS Kit for trials.

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