C4 Phases: SP-C4-NP

C4 is one of the workhorse reverse phases for chromatographic purifications. But not every C4 is equivalent—and in some cases, the chromatographer may in fact want a unique selectivity for a special application.

We understand that you need special tools in your purification toolbox, which is why we continue to pioneer the next generation of reverse phases. To that end, we have launched a groundbreaking C4 silica gel with a completely different separation mode: a non-endcapped version of C4 which permits separation that is dominated by silanol interactions.

high surface area c18 silica gel

Typical Applications

Our non-encapped, ‘Black Box’ phase

Small Molecules

Synthetic Peptides

Standard Peptides

Graph - Standard Peptides

In the “Standard Peptides”, SP-100-8-C4-NP works by far the best. All six peptides are separated with a different elution order, Leu-Enkephalin elutes before Neurotensin.

7 Basic Drugs

Graph - 7 Basic Drugs

Another example is shown in the analysis of “Seven Basic Drugs”. SP-100-8-C4-NP delivers good separation topped with a different elution order for Diphenhydramine, Lidocain and Diphenidol.

Available in 100 Å pore size and 8, 10 and 15 μm particle sizes

Ordering Information (Bonded Phase SP-C4-NP)

Product NamePore Size (Å)Particle Size (µm)Pore Volume (mL/g)Surface Area (m2/g)% of Carbon

Did you know?

This novel combination of hydrogen bonding capacity from silanols combined with hydrophobicity from the C4 is only the beginning. Additional “black box” non-endcapped phases are coming soon!

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