C4 Phases: SP-C4-PK

At DAISOGEL, we recognized the need for a premier silica gel that resolves complex impurities of modern recombinant peptide therapeutics such as insulin in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

A silica gel robust enough to withstand the rigors of alkaline CIP. A silica gel whose mechanical strength would preclude the generation of fines and hence sustain consistent operating pressures during large-scale purification in DAC columns. And a silica gel whose loading capability simply outperforms other similar medias on the market, providing the best economics for large scale peptide purification.


Typical Applications

Premium C4 for Recombinant Peptides

Small Molecules

Synthetic Peptides

High Sensitivity

The C4-PK Series has been developed based on our holistic design concept of chemical stability, mechanical strength, and high performance to provide you with the ultimate in sustainable purity. Its 8% carbon loading strikes the right balance that is ideal for the purification of fibrillating peptides.


Carbon Loading

0.9 mL/g

Pore Volume

320 m2/g

surface Area

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Strength. Sustained.

Enhanced alkaline durability to withstand 0.1 M NaOH and high mechanical strength to provide longest lifetime when packed in DAC columns.


Purity. Sustained.

Superior resolution, even for self-aggregating or fibrillating peptides.


Value. Sustained.

Exceptionally high surface area of 320 m2/g to provide extremely high loadability with a lower upfront cost than competing 13 μm C8 silica gels.

Available in 100 Å pore size and 8 and 10 μm particle sizes

Ordering Information (Bonded Phase C4)

Product NamePore Size (Å)Particle Size (µm)Pore Volume (mL/g)Surface Area (m2/g)% of Carbon

Did you know?

The PK Series bare silica can tolerate over 170 column volumes of weak NaOH washing before particle degradation–50% more CVs than our competitors.

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