By Phase

DAISOGEL bulk silica gel is chemically modified in our state-of-the-art plant adjacent to our bare silica plant in Amagasaki.

We offer both standard and custom bonded phases with consistent quality and scalable batch sizes to provide you a reliable bulk silica supply.


DAISOGEL Standard Bonded Phases

DAISOGEL bulk silica gel is available in a variety of surface modifications as standard bonded phases for your most common preparative chromatography applications:

Trimethyl silyl (C1), phenyl (PH), cyano (CN), diol, and non-endcapped phases are also available in addition to custom phases to meet your specific needs.

Availability. Sustained.

Batch sizes vary from 50 grams for custom bonding to 200 kg. We understand that timely delivery by your suppliers is critical to enable production of your high-value product, so we take pride in our industry-leading delivery times. For our most popular phases, hundreds of kilos are available from stock for immediate shipment.

Quality. Sustained.

Our bonding is performed under GMP conditions by a dedicated and highly skilled manufacturing team. Our rigorous QA and QC teams are completely independent of the manufacturing group and ensure the quality and consistency that you have come to expect from DAISOGEL.

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