C18 Phases: SP-ODS-P

Ideal for synthetic peptides and small molecules, the small pore size of the ODS-P Series offers exceptionally high surface area and high loadability for superior performance for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds. This ultra high purity spherical silica gel series is produced with a strictly controlled manufacturing process resulting in reproducible particle size and pore size distributions.

high carbon loading c18 silica gel

Typical Applications

Your first choice for synthetic peptides + small molecules

Small Molecules

Synthetic Peptides

Bonding Density

The bonding density provides a selectivity suitable for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, even enabling the use of 100% aqueous eluents. Our proprietary endcapping technology minimizes residual silanol groups below detectable levels, thereby improving peak symmetry, reducing tailing of basic compounds, and improving chemical robustness.

Loading. Sustained.

The ODS-P Series provides long peak retention combined with high surface area. The 450 m2/g surface area is higher than other 60 Å silica gels. This silica gel product should be your first choice for small molecule and synthetic peptide purification method development.


Carbon Loading

1.1 mL/g

Pore Volume

450 m2/g

Surface Area

Strength. Sustained.

Backpressure in Repacking
Particle Size Alteration

Available in 100 Å pore size and 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 μm particle sizes

Ordering Information (Bonded Phase C18)

Product NamePore Size (Å)Particle Size (µm)Pore Volume (mL/g)Surface Area (m2/g)% of Carbon

Did you know?

The “P” is a reference to our “ultra high purity” grade of bare silica gel, with a specification of less than 10 ppm of Al, Fe, Ti, and Zr metal impurities.

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