The COMPASS is a pre-screening kit comprised of four columns that each have a unique stationary phase utilizing a different separation mechanism. With the COMPASS, you can quickly test your molecule on four phases to determine which direction you should take for an optimized screening.

Is the COMPASS a screening kit?

No. The COMPASS is a non-optimized set of columns with different chemistries so you can quickly determine the proper chemistry direction for your actual screening studies, thereby saving valuable screening time.

When should I use the COMPASS?

The COMPASS is ideal to use for molecules that don’t have a solid starting point for screening studies. This could be for a novel compound or molecule with a unique chemistry that you have not purified before. The COMPASS can even be useful for molecules with somewhat established separation profiles, as the various COMPASS separation mechanisms may further inform your chromatography selection.

How much does the COMPASS cost?

The COMPASS pre-screening kit is offered free of charge to qualified customers. Fill out our COMPASS Request Form to initiate your request.

What column sizes are available for the COMPASS?

We offer standard sizes of 4.6 mm I.D. x 150 mm L and 4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm L. If you require custom sizes, please let us know in the COMPASS Request Form and we will get back to you about availability.

What phases are included in the COMPASS?

The COMPASS includes columns with C18, C8, C4-Phenyl, and C4-non-endcapped phases. These phases were selected due to their wide variety of interactions to give the deepest insight into your separation.

Are alternative phases available?

Please contact us if your situation requires different phases from our standard COMPASS kit and we will work with you to find a solution.

I’ve used the COMPASS to determine my direction for screening. What’s next?

Now that you know which phase family to use, refer to our Screening Guide to determine which specific DAISOGEL phases may be best for your application. Contact us if you wish to purchase columns or bulk media for screening.

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