Products: C4

  • SP-C4-NP

    This non-endcapped version of C4 permits separation that is dominated by silanol interactions.

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  • SP-C4-P

    Ideal for purification of erythropoietin (EPO), our C4-P Series is bonded with butyl groups for moderate hydrophobicity.

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  • SP-C4-BIO

    The low carbon loading of the C4-BIO Series makes it suitable for purification of small peptides, microbial proteins (insulin) and oligonucleotides with wide pH range applications.

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  • SP-C4-PK

    Our newest C4 phase, the PK Series is a premium product that has been holistically designed for optimized purification of recombinant peptides with enhanced alkaline durability, mechanical strength, and loadability.

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  • C4 Phases

    A range of C4 phases with unique carbon loading, chemical resistances, and selectivities are available.

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