For Analytical and Preparative Chromatography

DAISOGEL offers spherical bulk silica gel products for your analytical and preparative chromatographic purifications of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other high-value substances.

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Locate the ideal DAISOGEL bulk silica product for your application by searching by series, pore size, or by your molecule.

By Pore Size
Bulk silica gel by phase

DAISOGEL is available in a range of unique C18, C8, and C4 bonded phases for optimized purification of your target molecule.

bulk bonded silica gel by pore size
Bulk silica gel by pore size

Find the silica gel products DAISOGEL offers based on pore size ranging from 100 Å to 2000 Å.

silica gels for purification of synthetic peptides
Bulk silica gel by molecule

Locate the ideal DAISOGEL bulk silica product for your application by searching the type of molecule that you wish to purify.

COVID-19: We’re All in this Together

Our parent company OSAKA SODA CO., LTD. and we at DAISO Fine Chem USA, Inc. hope our customers and their families are staying safe and healthy in this tumultuous time of coronavirus.

Thanks to dedicated employees in Japan, around the globe and robust business continuity plans, OSAKA SODA CO., LTD. can manufacture and deliver its high purity silica gels during this unprecedented time. We are fully aware our industry is critical to bringing about a solution to this, and it reinforces the behind-the-scenes but essential work that our customers provide.

This is to reassure our customers that we are not affected by the coronavirus for the supply of our high purity silica gels.

Needless to say, at DAISO Fine Chem USA, Inc., associate health and well-being is our number one priority.

In compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines, some of the actions we are taking to keep our associates safe include:

  • Work from home for associates, where feasible, and social distancing within offices
  • Non-essential international and domestic business travel ban
  • Mandatory self-quarantine measures for associates at risk of exposure
  • Cancellation or postponement of all internal and external meetings

To all of our customers, and employees working day and night to manage through this pandemic, we thank you sincerely.

For more details, please see the following notification from our parent company OSAKA SODA CO., LTD.

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