Seven Differentiators of DAISOGEL

There are many suppliers from around the world that offer bulk silica gel for chromatography. This plethora of supply gives you choices…and choices are a good thing for the chromatographer. So what is it that makes DAISOGEL different? What sets DAISOGEL apart from the other bulk silica gels on the market?

Here are seven important differentiators:


1. Quality: At DAISOGEL, quality is job number one. High-quality “made in Japan” products are well-known in so many industries, and here at DAISOGEL it is no different. Our bare silica is manufactured under ISO 9001 conditions, and our bonding is performed with GMP compliance. In fact, our products are skillfully produced by our fully committed workforce that averages 15 years in tenure.


2. Suppliability: We are known for our reliable supply of large quantities of bulk silica gel. We stock significant quantities of our most popular phases to ensure that you receive your silica gel when YOU need it. We call this our SUPPLIABILITY and RELIABILITY guarantee. After all, what good is a bulk silica gel product if you have to wait months to receive it? And how trustworthy is the supplier if they can’t supply their product in a reliable fashion?

End-to-End Manufacture

3. End-to-End Manufacture: Unlike other suppliers who outsource their bare silica gel production, we manufacture and quality-control our bare silica gel, as well as the final bonded phases. This means that we have complete control over the quality and reproducibility of the base product, which, of course, becomes a critical raw material for the final bonded phase products. This way, we assure that the final bonded phases are of highest quality and provide the batch-to-batch reproducibility required for successful pharmaceutical production.

Manufacturing your API is cash-intensive, and no doubt your management must carefully monitor the cash flow of the business.


4. Variety: It is said that variety is the spice of life. We believe it is important for a silica gel supplier to offer a variety of phases to purify the wide range of therapeutics and medicinals produced by our customers. In fact, DAISOGEL built our operation with this flexibility in mind. That is why we not only supply a broad range of standard bonded phases, but we also pride ourselves in our ability to offer custom-made grades for your unique purification process.

Cash Flow

5. Your Cash Flow: Manufacturing your API is cash-intensive, and no doubt your management must carefully monitor the cash flow of the business. Our suppliability means that you can improve the cash flow of your manufacturing operation by ordering your bulk silica gel “just-in-time” from our large stock.

Small Particles Large Qty.

6. Small Particles, Large Quantities: Yes, 10 and 15 μm particle sizes are ubiquitous in preparative scale HPLC today. But sometimes, more resolving power is necessary, even at preparative or production scale. Did you know that DAISOGEL is the only source of sub-10 μm particles in hundreds of kilogram bulk quantities? The reason is simple: much higher efficiency and lower solvent consumption can be achieved by applying our 8 μm, 7 μm, or even 5 μm spherical silica.

Regulatory Support

7. Regulatory Support: While performance and suppliability are key factors in a silica gel selection, we also understand that you may require regulatory support for the key downstream steps in the manufacturing process of your product. Therefore, DAISOGEL offers FDA Drug Master Files for our most popular silica gel products and can provide Regulatory Support Files as required.

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