What is the pH Range of DAISOGEL C8 and ODS Phases?

Are you purifying a compound that requires a very low pH condition for solubility or elution purposes? Perhaps you need a silica gel that can withstand caustic cleaning instead.

The pH stability of a C8 or ODS silica gel is dependent on the robustness of the bare silica gel, as well as the ligand density and the quality of the bonding. DAISOGEL offers a wide range of bonded phases with various ligand densities to give you choices for finding the right match for your application.

Your guide to the pH range of our most common C8 and ODS phases:

Product NamepH Range    
SP-120-x-ODS-BP1.5 – 9.0
SP-100-x-ODS-RPS1.5 – 9.0
SP-100-x-ODS-P1.5 – 9.0
SP-120-x-ODS-RPS1.5 – 9.5
SP-100-x-C8-HP1.5 – 8.5
SP-100-x-ODS-HP1.0 – 9.5
SP-200-x-ODS-BIO1.0 – 11.0
SP-200-x-C8-BIO1.0 – 10.5
SP-100-x-ODS-PK1.0 – 11.0
SP-100-x-C8-PK1.0 – 11.0

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