Which DAISOGEL grade is best for small molecule purification?

The key for a good small molecule separation–or any chromatographic separation, for that matter–is that your target molecule has access to the entire surface area of the silica gel-based stationary phase. The pore size of the bead must be wide enough for this purpose, yet small enough for the silica product to have a large enough surface area to provide an effective loadability and ensure optimized process economics. In fact, the surface area and the pore size have direct correlation in DAISOGEL products.

For small molecules, there is one grade in particular that strikes the right balance between pore size and surface area. Our best choice for small molecules is the SP-100-10-ODS-P grade.

Porosity Comparison

DAISOGEL GradePore Size (Å)Pore Diameter (nm)Pore Volume (mL/g)Surface Area (m2/g)

While we offer three different pore sizes, the SP-100-10-ODS-P combines an ideal 100 Å pore with an industry-leading surface area of an extraordinary 450 m2/g, promising very high loading for small target molecules. Its uniform 10 μm particle size offers great resolution at preparative scale.

Pore Size Distribution of P Series in Three Unique Sizes

A comparison of the loadability of several common ODS phases is shown below. With significantly higher loading than competitor silica gels, you can achieve much higher throughput in your small molecule purification process using SP-100-10-ODS-P.

ODS Loadability Comparison

Silica Gel GradeMaximum Loadability (mg)

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While loadability is critical for process economics of small molecule purification, resolution is also important in order to ensure separation and purity. Below we map the resolving power of various ODS phases versus their loadability. Ideally, the chromatographer wants a silica gel that offers high loading without sacrificing resolution. You can see that our design of the SP-100-10-ODS-P grade has resulted in a silica gel that finds the “sweet spot” of highest loadability as well as highest resolution.

Resolution to Loadability Correlation

An additional benefit of the ODS-P Series is the ultra-high pure nature of the bare silica gel due to its advanced residual silanol management. Its very low bleed makes this phase a safe choice, and the exceptional peak shape coming from a column packed with SP-100-10-ODS-P makes the separation of close-eluting impurities even easier!

Clearly the best candidate for efficient purification of small molecule APIs, we can full-heartedly recommend it!

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