Approximate Packing Density for DAISOGEL Bulk Silica Gel.

While we offer prepacked columns for analytical and prep scale, DAISOGEL bulk silica gel is most well-known for its availability in kilogram quantities for larger scale purifications. In such cases, we recommend packing your bulk silica gel in a Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column.

When you are employing a DAC column (or self-packing device) and packing it yourself with DAISOGEL bulk silica, the goal is to have an evenly packed silica bed with the desired bed length. Due to the mechanical axial compression of the DAC columns, you must first measure out the appropriate amount of dry silica gel prior to slurrying the silica gel and packing it.

The calculation to determine the exact amount required is:

Silica gel required = r2 × π × L × Packing Density

r = radius of column [cm]
L = your desired silica bed length [cm],
Packing Density = density of your silica gel [g/cm3]

Packing Densities of Typical DAISOGEL Bulk Silicas:

Product NamePore Size (Å)Packing Density (g/cm3)

Once you have measured your silica gel, you can slurry it and perform the packing process according to the column manufacturer’s advice.

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