Technical Notes: Packing

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  • Packing and Unpacking DAISOGEL C8-PK Series Phase

    Once you scale up your process beyond semi-prep or preparative prepacked columns, you will need to pack our bulk silica gel in a dynamic axial compression (DAC) column. Here, we provide a procedure for packing, testing, and unpacking one of our most prominent silica gels: the C8-PK Series with 10 µm particle size (Product Name SP-100-10-C8-PK). Calculate the Necessary Silica Gel and Volume Required The first step is to determine the amount of silica gel and slurry solvent required to pack your column. You can do that by using these simple calculations: Start with the dimensions of your empty column

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  • Mechanical Strength Differences Between Grades of DAISOGEL

    The mechanical strength of a chromatographic silica gel product is basically determined by its manufacturing process. The SOL-GEL method we use is a sure ticket for the best quality products. That said, there are differences in mechanical strength of the products in our portfolio. In the wide DAISOGEL lineup we offer the Wide Pore and Super Wide Pore varieties. As you might imagine, the wider the pore diameter of silica gel, the gentler care the product needs. In that sense, wider pore silica must be packed at lower packing pressure to avoid damage to the particles. A similar concept holds

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  • Approximate Packing Density for DAISOGEL Bulk Silica Gel.

    While we offer prepacked columns for analytical and prep scale, DAISOGEL bulk silica gel is most well-known for its availability in kilogram quantities for larger scale purifications. In such cases, we recommend packing your bulk silica gel in a Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) column. When you are employing a DAC column (or self-packing device) and packing it yourself with DAISOGEL bulk silica, the goal is to have an evenly packed silica bed with the desired bed length. Due to the mechanical axial compression of the DAC columns, you must first measure out the appropriate amount of dry silica gel prior

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